Social responsibility policy

We are establishing a social responsibility management system per IQNet SR 10, which corresponds to the SA-8000 and ISO 26000 standards in terms of requirements. Our goal is to create and maintain employee and customer confidence in the company's socially responsible and ethical behaviour towards its employees. 

We have therefore adopted a social responsibility policy with the motto:


The greatest value to our business is our employees; our responsibility towards them is paramount for our current and future prosperity!


We shall fulfil this motto by focusing on the following principles:


  1. Standard social responsibility management system

    1. The values underlying the social responsibility system are accountability to employees, transparency of conduct, ethical behaviour, considering the interests of all interested parties, respect for the legal system and international standards, and respect for human rights.

    2. The social responsibility management system is an organic part of the overall management. The company is committed to maintaining and continuously improving the social responsibility system.

    3. The social responsibility system is recorded in the company's management documents, and thus its practical implementation can be monitored at any time.

    4. The company's management has appointed the CEO as its representative for the implementation of the social responsibility system. This person is responsible for the system and communicates it both within and outside the company.

    1. The social responsibility policy is available to all the company's employees and the public via the website.

3. Principles of social responsibility towards employees

  1. No discrimination. The company creates equal opportunities for all its employees in their employment and professional growth. The rules of employment are the same for all employees without distinction and are not affected by race, sex, political affiliation, religion, personal relationships with supervisors or other potential factors.

  2. The Right to Privacy. The company is vigilant in protecting personal information held about its employees, including multi-tiered data protection in information systems.

  3. Preventing forced labour. The company will never resort to forced labour, e.g., prison labour.

  4. Preventing child labour. The company will never resort to the use of child labour and will always respect the limits set by Czech law.

  5. Occupational Health and Safety (OHS). The company has established a functional OHS system that is staffed and materially equipped and includes and includes a supervision system.

  6. Suitable working environment. Concerning the technologies in use, the company creates and verifies the most suitable working environment in all its facilities.

  7. Collective organising and negotiating. The company effectively cooperates with its employees' trade unions and complies with all collective negotiation rules, including collective negotiation agreements.

  8. Working conditions and wages. The company creates appropriate working conditions regarding the distribution of working hours, including compliance with overtime limits. It has a transparent wage system providing a respectable standard of living.

  9. Employment contracts. The company employs only based on legally and ethically sound employment contracts and agreements.

  10. Professional development. The company supports job-related training for employees and their further career development. Other supported projects are aimed at fostering creative improvement efforts.

  11. Consideration for the personal life of employees. The company shall account for the interests of its employees in terms of workplace accessibility and employee rest when setting the working schedule.

  12. Respect for the dignity of employees. The dignity of employees is an important value protected and respected by every manager, who ensure that it is not compromised by other co-workers or managers.

  1. Principles of social responsibility towards the company's environment

  1. The principles of social responsibility are reflected in the company's contact with customers in promotion, advertising, contracting, data protection and product provision.

  2. The company reflects the same principles of social responsibility in its contact with suppliers and promotes the general sharing of these principles within its supply chains.

  3. The company also reflects the principles of social responsibility in its relations with subsidiaries, in its relations with the state administration, with the local public in the facilities' locations, with competitors and with environmental authorities and organisations.


This Social Responsibility Policy is a commitment by our management to meet the social responsibility principles set out in the relevant specification and customer requirements. The Policy is the basis for setting goals, targets and programmes. The company's employees are made aware of the Policy through appropriate forms.

This Policy is accepted in perpetuity. It may be reviewed for relevance and effectiveness at any time and any reason, but at least once a year during the management review of the management system.


In Desná, 21 November 2022

Ing. Tomáš Stloukal

Management Representative for the Social Responsibility System