Health and Safety Policy

We use the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (ČSN ISO 45001:2018) to protect the lives and health of our employees, clients and visitors.



We have therefore adopted a social responsibility policy with the motto:



Protecting the health and lives of employees and visitors is our top priority



We shall fulfil this motto by focusing on the following principles:


  1. Responsible relationship to the lives and health of employees and visitors

    1. We monitor and consistently comply with legal and other requirements related to the working environment and occupational safety.

    2. We improve the working environment and hygiene at work. We assess the safety hazards of all activities and workplaces and rectify problems in order of their priority.

    3. We implement technologies with minimal impact on the health of employees and external workers.

    4. We monitor possible sources of health hazards. We systematically monitor and evaluate potential and actual accidents and take safety measures.

    5. The occupational health and safety management system include all entities affected by business activities (suppliers, customers, the public etc.).

    6. We systematically document, assess, inspect and evaluate the status, results and system of occupational safety management and ensure immediate correction of identified deficiencies.


  1. Communication of health and safety issues

    1. We communicate and consult with employees and other interested parties on critical health and safety issues. We motivate all employees to promote responsibility for their own safety, health and company assets.

    2. We require documented guarantees from our partners that they will not endanger the lives and health of our employees during their activities on and off our premises.


In Desná, 16 August 2022


Ing. Júlia Stephányová Ing. Tomáš Stloukal

ISŘ Manager Chairman of the Board of Management