About us

DESKO a.s. has been specializing in supplies for the glass industry and the production of electrical components since the beginning of the company's independent existence. Tradition and experience of the employees are a guarantee of high quality. The company was founded on 1 May 1992 from auxiliary operations of the former state enterprise “Jablonecké sklárny”. However, the history of the company dates back to the 19th century, when it focused mainly on services in the refional glass industry in three main branches - construction and repair of glass furnaces, production of metal molds for glassworks and production of single-purpose glass machines. In 1997 it was decided to purchase the production of electrical products from ABB EP Jablonec nad Nisou. This production was launched at the beginning of 1998 and became a full-fledged part of the production programme of DESKO a.s.

The meaning of the name DESKO is DESenská KOvovýroba.

Furnace Division:
Furnace division of DESKO a.s. carries out construction and repairs of glass pan furnaces, day baths and small capacity continuous baths, with gas and electric heating for melting crystal and coloured glass.

Electrical Division:
The Electrical Division is a full-service electrical supplier with its own switchboard manufacturing facility. Design, installation, revision, this is our division

Electrical Components Manufacturing Division:
Another division is the manufacture and distribution of electrical components such as built-in switches, microswitches, sockets and compact lights. This production is managed on a pro-export basis, with the main focus on the European market and Turkey.

All electrical products are certified by the relevant testing institutes and the processes are in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality management system.