Quality policy

We use a quality management system according to the ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016 standard in the primary business areas of our divisions


D300 - Furnace

D700 - Manufacture of electrical products


Our philosophy is that all our products are produced in a single quality - the best quality. Our constant goal is to create and maintain confidence in our products and the services tied to those products.

We have therefore adopted a social responsibility policy with the motto:


Our customer = top priority



We shall fulfil this motto by focusing on the following principles:

  1. Improving the quality of our products

    1. The basic and primary goal of the company's activities is to satisfy expressed and expected future needs of our customers.

    2. The quality of delivery is not only the typical quality of the goods we sell but also the quality of compliance with the agreed delivery conditions and the quality of the accompanying administrative work.

  1. Consistent excellent and documented quality of all activities

    1. INPUTS - suppliers with an effective quality management system are given preference.

    2. OUTPUTS - documents documenting quality care (internal documentation of trade and production, certificates, conformity declarations).

  1. Standard quality management system according to international standard

    1. The management of the company has fully identified with the content of the ČSN EN ISO 9001 standard and has effectively implemented it throughout the company. Externally, it manages the context of the company including the relationship with external providers, customers, employees, competitors and the local community. In doing so, it manages the risks existing within these relationships.

    2. The quality management system is an organic part of company management The principle of continuous improvement is the alpha and the omega of company management.

  1. Employees engagement in quality assurance

    1. A skilled and informed employee is our best potential.

    2. Everyone in the company is a customer and supplier to each other.


In Desná, 16 August 2022


Ing. Júlia Stephányová Ing. Tomáš Stloukal

ISŘ Manager Chairman of the Board of Management