Furnace construction

We are specialists in the construction of glass furnaces

We supply a wide range of melting aggregates for production in the glass industry. We are specialists in low-capacity glass furnaces of all types.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Pan gas and electric furnaces

  • Continuous gas baths

  • Continuous electric baths

  • Day tubs

  • Tempering ovens for pans

  • Other ovens

We manufacture and supply not only for the glass industry

We use our extensive experience from the glass industry in other segments to assemble special linings for thermal or other equipment across industries.

Manufacture and assembly of metal structures

We carry out assemblies ranging from small steel structures to larger industrial solutions.

Free-standing steel structures, support structures, footbridges, platforms...

Metal welding (steel, stainless steel, aluminum)

Manual arc welding with coated electrode

Arc welding with fusion electrode in inert gas

Arc welding with fusion electrode in active gas

Arc welding with non-melting tungsten electrode in inert gas Welding and flame cutting


Installation of gas equipment:


  • domestic gas pipelines

  • industrial gas pipelines

  • gas appliances under 50 kW

  • gas appliances over 50 kW

  • gas furnaces and industrial heating equipment

Furnace construction